Dr Bond’s THINK NATURAL Healing E-Classroom

Dr Ward Bond Healing E-Classroom

Dr Bond's THINK NATURAL Healing E-Classroom with Celebrity Chef Susan Irby A true health revival is happening! We are very dedicated in bringing vital health information how food will help the body to heal itself. While medical science looks for a cure, the answer is on our plate! In 'Dr Bond's Think Natural E-Classroom' you will learn the important combinations of food, the nutrients in your food and how God gave us this food to nourish, maintain and heal our bodies. Ward Bond, PhD and … [Read more...]

Personal Development and Business Success Conference

Laser Focused Conference

Personal Development and Business Success Conference October 6th and 7th, 2016 are the dates you want to be in Las Vegas for the Laser Focused Conference that Smart Chic founder and Success Magazine leading expert, Cynthia Bazin has created and will be headlining along with other leading experts in the fields of Business Strategy, Client Engagement, Business Marketing, Motivational Speaking, Health, Wellness and Food Healing. During the Laser Focused Conference, you will receive two … [Read more...]

Get Chef’d with Susan Irby recipes into your kitchen!

Chef’d – The Bikini Chef recipes

Bringing It Home   THE EASIEST WAY TO COOK LIKE THE PROS Get ready because I am bringing my recipes into your kitchens! I'm very excited to announce that I'm partnering with Chef'd! Remember those times you wanted to cook my recipes at home but didn't have time to pick up the ingredients? That's where Chef'd comes in! They will deliver pre-portioned fresh ingredients to make my meals along with easy to follow recipes cards right to your doorstep!   Click below to Get Chef'd with my … [Read more...]

Food Healing – For Life

Food Healing Certificate

Food Healing - For Life For most of my life, food has been a integral part of my being. Just as food is the centerpiece of the dinner table, it has been the center of my life for many years. My grandfather introduced me to chefs at the age of two. My mother was a culinary arts and nutrition major in college and has been a huge presence in how I think about and approach recipes both for my family and for others. She established the principles of nutritious meals in our family by preparing … [Read more...]

The New SusanIrby.com Website

Susan Irby

Susan Irby is one of the nation’s foremost experts in fitness nutrition and recipe development, an accomplished public speaker and media personality. … [Read more...]

A New Chapter

Me and Mom on the dock at the lake

A New Chapter On July 26, the final broadcast of The Bikini Lifestyles Show aired on Talk Radio 790 KABC. For over five years, my co-host, Denice Fladeboe, and I along with our stellar guests filled the airwaves with laughter, shared triumphs and challenges, and eagerly chatted about the latest tips and trends from noted chefs, fitness experts, health professionals and celebrities. The Bikini Lifestyles Show grew out of my passion for food, wine, and living life to the fullest. I love … [Read more...]