The Bikini Chef®

The Bikini Chef® brand was created by Susan Irby, a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Certified Food Healer.  Susan is the creator of the concept, recipes, and content behind the brand which promotes living well through fitness and “figure flattering flavors”. What began as a cute, catchy nickname after sharing family stories of cooking on the lake in their bathing suits, The Bikini Chef® name has grown into a brand representing health and wellness. The Bikini Chef® leads by example … [Read more...]

Skinny Cuisine®

Skinny Cuisine® Skinny Cuisine® is a line of fresh frozen GMO-free, organic meals delivered to your door for less than $10 per day.  These delicious and nutritious meals are The Bikini Chef® approved and meet the nutritional standards for The Bikini Chef® Diet plan. Currently, Skinny Cuisine® meals are made by Artisan Bistro Pro and are available in meal packs of 14 or 28.  Choose from meals such as Wild Alaskan Salmon with Citrus Salsa Verde, Wild Alaskan Salmon with … [Read more...]

Bikini Lifestyles®

The Bikini Lifestyles® Show is both a television and radio show created by Susan Irby to share with audiences that it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle while eating foods that are delicious, enjoying fine wines and cocktails, and incorporating exercise into your daily life. A healthy "bikini lifestyle" is FUN! The Bikini Lifestyles® brand is an extension of the brand, The Bikini Chef®, wholly created and developed by Susan Irby. In a fast becoming crowded television … [Read more...]

Bikini Cuisine

Bikini Cuisine (trademark pending) is a line of healthy snack foods based on recipes wholly developed by Susan Irby.  Snack foods in development:  Protein Power Snax, Amaranth Energy Snax, and Brain Boost TrailMix. … [Read more...]