Food Healing – For Life

Food Healing – For Life
Food Healing Certificate

For most of my life, food has been a integral part of my being. Just as food is the centerpiece of the dinner table, it has been the center of my life for many years. My grandfather introduced me to chefs at the age of two. My mother was a culinary arts and nutrition major in college and has been a huge presence in how I think about and approach recipes both for my family and for others. She established the principles of nutritious meals in our family by preparing three nutritious meals a day, seven days a week. “A colorful plate is a healthy plate,” has always been her motto.

Recently, I received my Certification in Food Healing. What is food healing? What does a Certified Food Healer do? The principles of food healing are based upon reversing symptoms of disease and encouraging a healthy body. As a Food Healer, I say, “If we can damage the body with food, we can heal the body with food.” And, keep in mind, the word “food” represents what we drink, too.

What we eat and drink on a daily basis directly impacts how our bodies function. The majority of people pay more attention to the types of gas and the quality of oil they put into their cars than they do to the foods and beverages they put into their body. Your body is what helps you eat breakfast every morning. Your brain tells your hands, feet, and other bodily functions what to do. Your eyes see. Your ears hear. What you eat and drink either helps or hinders how your body functions.
Healing foods are those that promote good health. They are the foods that remove toxins from the body, improve specific bodily functions, help reduce pain and inflammation, plus other functions. Healing foods are those that nourish and encourage a positive mind, body, and spirit. Healing foods are all around us, are easily accessible and affordable. Healing foods are an integral part of the healing process and are worlds apart from prescription drugs.

Healing foods are fresh and filled with phytochemicals the body needs for nourishment. For example, glutathione is perhaps the most important phytochemical for detoxification and preventing cancer. And, the food highest in this vital phytochemical is asparagus. Studies show eating on average about 10 asparagus stalks per day will help to reverse cancer. For cancer prevention, it is recommended to eat 6 to 10 stalks of asparagus 3x’s per week.

One of the most essential foods for the prevention of osteoporosis is cucumber. Cucumber is rich in silica which helps increase bone density. And, it is also the most alkaline veggie / fruit and helps reverse acid in the body. Cilantro is the single most potent herb for extracting heavy metals such as mercury from the body. The medical director for the Heart Disease Research Foundation discovered his patients excreted more toxic metals after consuming Chinese soup containing cilantro. It is key principles like these that make up the food healing based system of which I am not only an advocate, but am certified to teach.
Cucumber Cups

I am excited to share this knowledge with you so that you, too, can be empowered and excited about living a healthier lifestyle. I am thrilled to have expanded on my knowledge of fitness nutrition to be able to share with yoou and others the key principles of food healing. As a recipe developer, I can now wholly transform everyday recipes into delicious dishes that will taste so good you won’t realize they are healing to your body. I truly believe you can reverse symptoms of disease through nature’s gift – natural foods – and I can’t wait to share this with you.

To schedule a food healing seminar for you or your group and for more information on food healing based wellness retreats, contact me directly at: or at (310) 753-3750.

Qigong Master and Master Food Healer, Jeff Primack (center)

Qigong Master and Master Food Healer, Jeff Primack (center)

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