susan irby

“Meeting Susan, you can instantly tell she practices what she preaches. Audiences love her helpful healthy lifestyle and cooking tips, especially her delicious, easy to follow recipes.” – Rachel Perry, CEO, Home and Garden Show

Susan Irby, CFNS (Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist), Certified Food Healer, is an award winning television and radio host, media personality, best-selling author and sought after speaker whose friendly, welcoming style inspires and educates people to take charge of their health by incorporating simple action steps into their daily lives. Susan has been a prominent presenter for over 10 years engaging audiences worldwide.  From youths to adults, Susan has worked with individuals, corporations, health and fitness professionals, and culinary experts.

Speaking engagements have included:

*OC Women’s United Way

*Whole Foods Market (Encino, Westwood, Tustin the District, Huntington Beach, Laguna Niguel)

*OC Fair (Orange County)

*American Federation of Teachers

*Gelson’s Markets

*LA Fitness Expo

*San Diego Fitness Challenge

*Los Angeles Festival of Books

Susan’s signature talks focus on the principles of health and wellness:

*Healing Foods for Women’s Health

*Healing Foods for Natural Weight Loss

*Boost Energy. Feel Great. Lose Weight.

*The Bikini Chef® Diet – #PFF your way Thin!

*Susan’s Tried and Tested No-Fail Fundamentals to Lasting Weight Loss

*Fat Burns Fat

Marketing topics:

*Your Social Media Life, Is it Managing YOU?

*Creating a Brand That Works

*Publishing – To Self Publish or Not? The Where, the Why and the How

*Today’s Publishing – Big House vs Selfies

*How To Write the Perfect Recipe : From Development to Skillet

*Food Styling and Photography

*Broadcast Media : The How and The Why

Susan Irby Interview Questions:

*What are healing foods?

*What are the best foods to eat pre- and post-workout?

*You are known for transforming fattening recipes. What are your key health strategies?

*What are the #PFFs?

*How does The Bikini Chef® Diet work for me?

*How do I know if I need to lose weight? Where do I begin?

*Why is losing weight important?

*What is ‘everything in moderation’ really about?

*What should I be eating today?

*I’ve lost the weight, now what?

*How much exercise do I need?

*Share your stories – we want to hear from you!

write to: susan@susanirby.com

If you would like to have Susan speak at your next event, please contact: Jackie@scottstander.com or (818) 905-7000.