The Bikini Chef® Diet

The Bikini Chef<sup srcset=® Diet” width=”384″ height=”480″ />Frustrated with your weight? Still waiting for the pounds to fall off week after week of eating salads here, cutting out bread there, and then caving in to late-afternoon cravings? The Bikini Chef® Diet is your key to permanent, lasting weight loss and lifestyle change. Why is this diet so effective? Because Susan Irby, creator of The Bikini Chef, has lived the yo-yo diet life. She gained over 30 pounds and lost it. She has experienced “depressed” eating, late night cravings, and feelings that she could never wear a bikini again.

The Bikini Chef® Diet is not about the bikini. It’s about feeling great, boosting energy, and re-gaining the confidence you deserve to wear a bikini, if you want to!

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