The Clean Separation

The Clean SeparationHas life as you once knew it changed all of a sudden? Are you feeling emotionally heavy, confused, or at a loss with your current situation?

Any life changing event, be it a break-up or separation from a partner, a close friendship falling apart, the loss of a job, or even the passing of a relative, can all have a dramatic effect on your overall wellbeing.

Appetites can diminish, or increase to the other extreme of binge eating and drinking; these are all common human responses during a stressful life-changing event.

Food is a powerful tool. By fueling yourself with the nutrients that your body needs to boost your feel good hormones, manage your weight, and elevate your energy levels, you will be able to optimize your ability to move forward, and confidently be the best possible version of yourself in this next, even better, chapter of your exciting life.

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